Capital market and financing

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Capital market and financing

When public-sector organisations, municipalities or companies, whether publicly or privately owned, are looking to borrow funds, the capital is often procured via the international capital markets or, if through Danish banks, then on terms and conditions which typically reflect international standards.The loan documentation is complex and extensive and drawn up based on standards which only specialists are familiar with. Loans are often accompanied by swap transactions for interest or currency hedging purposes.

In some cases, lenders will expect a legal opinion from a Danish lawyer to ensure that the borrower has the necessary authority and that everything is in perfect order from a Danish law perspective.

We are very experienced in such transactions, including traditional loan agreements, loan programmes, bond loans and loans secured by a guarantee or mortgage. Some transactions require a prospectus to be prepared, and we have robust experience in this regard as well.

We assist clients in the preparation and negotiation of documentation, ensure that the necessary preparations have been made by the client. We are also happy to take on a coordinating role in this process.

After decades of working with ISDA documentation, including preparation and negotiation of ISDA framework agreements, CSAs, etc., we are familiar with this special area of documentation of financial instruments.

When do you need advice on private law?

Everyone will, at one point in life, need advice on private law. For example if you buy a house, if you go through a divorce, if you have lost one of your loved ones and the estate left by the deceased is to be administered, if you are badly injured in a car accident and you want to file a case for damages etc. There are many situations where you may need an attorney specialising in private law.

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