Estate and inheritance planning

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Estate  and inheritance planning

Nyborg & Rørdam provide advisory services in connection with the planning of transfer of values to the next generation focusing on optimisation of the tax situation as well as on personal and business considerations. We have wide experience in assisting in family and inheritance law cases where family business succession forms part.

Nyborg & Rørdam’s competencies and services include:

  • General estate planning
  • Administration of estates of deceased persons
  • Tax issues regarding succession models , including payment of taxes/gift tax in case of transfer
  • Family business succession, including choice of model for family business succession, e.g. gradual transfer to children or third parties. See also Family Business Succession.

Anne Heide-Jørgensen

Partner, Attorney (L)

Maryla Rytter Wróblewski

Partner, Attorney (H)

Mathias Højte


When do you need advice regarding private law?

 Everyone will, at some point in their lives,  need advice regarding private law issues. For example if you buy a house, if you are going through a divorce, if you have lost one of your loved ones and you need advice regarding the administration of the estate of the deceased, if you are badly injured in a car accident and need to bring an action for damages etc. There are many situations where you may need an attorney specialising in private law.

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