About Nyborg & Rørdam

We deliver first class solutions

Nyborg & Rørdam is a full-service law firm with some of the best attorneys in the country.

We provide legal assistance to both newly established and well-established companies, organisations, authorities and private individuals, also in international cases.

Our law firm covers the entire spectrum of legal disciplines, and our attorneys have many years’ solid experience within their respective specialities.

We are daily visitors to the court rooms both in the district courts, the high courts and the Supreme Court in civil lawsuits as well as criminal trials, and we also conduct cases before the European Court of Justice.

We hold honorary offices in a number of international and Danish committees as well as professional organisations, and we assist in the implementation of independent legal investigations.

Nyborg & Rørdam is the only law firm of our size which puts commercial law, private law and criminal law on the same footing.

You could say that in this way our law firm is somewhat old-fashioned since we insist on covering the whole spectrum of legal disciplines. We have chosen to do so because we believe that it is a worthy part of being an attorney to assists clients in all life situations.

Regardless of line of business, size and character of the legal issues, all our clients receive solution-oriented, competent and dedicated counselling.

We provide the knowledge, problem-solving skills and sparring
that you need as a client


Nyborg & Rørdam was established in 1985 and has since then been domiciled at our present address in St. Kongensgade overlooking the Marble Church. We are now approx. 35 people.

Today, Nyborg & Rørdam is represented by a dynamic team of young and old attorneys who draw on a foundation of wide experience and the newest knowledge. Our experience, knowledge and expertise create the professional value and quality we are aiming at.

The company’s partner structure, our wish to maintain a strong, internal coherence and maintain our integrity is the reason for our company’s size . We have deliberately avoided the rapid growth. We work together for the company, because here we have found the right chemistry and our own special method of working together with responsiveness and room to inspire each other.

International cooperation

Through our membership of Alliuris/Alliance of International Business Lawyers, Nyborg & Rørdam cooperate with reputable law firms in other countries. If your case requires assistance outside Denmark we are able to assist you quickly and efficiently. Read more about Alliuris here: www.alliuris.org

One of our attorneys, Maryla Rytter Wróblewski, has a strong professional and personal network in IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers, www.iafl.com). The Academy is a worldwide association of legal practitioners who are acknowledged as the best and most experienced in their respective countries. Accession in IAFL takes place upon recommendation. IAFL has four Danish members.

Our standard

As a client of Nyborg & Rørdam , you can not only expect high-quality legal advice and case management. You can also expect us to communicate so that you understand us. We emphasize an informal and clear tone. We make the complex easy to understand.

We believe that legal advice must be adapted to the client’s special needs. Consequently, we include both strategic, financial and ethical considerations in our advice in order to provide the best possible service.

Our terms of business