International family and inheritance law

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International family and inheritance law

Our family law experts provide counselling, representation and assistance in international cases within the field of family and inheritance law. Our family law attorneys are also some of Denmark’s most competent experts and have been appointed by the Danish Ministry of Justice to handle particularly complex or difficult cases, for example child abduction cases.

Nyborg & Rørdam provides legal counselling within i.a. the following areas:

  • Assessment of the issue of jurisdiction, choice of law and admission in international family and inheritance law cases
  • Drafting and execution of marriage contracts and wills in relation to international marriages/cohabitation
  • Handling of Danish decedent estates with assets abroad
  • Divorce in international marriages/cohabitation, including division of property and maintenance payment
  • International child abductions
  • Custody of children in international cases, including cases regarding permission to move abroad with a child
  • Contact for children with residence in Denmark for parents with residence abroad

Anne Heide-Jørgensen

Partner, Attorney (L)

Henrik Johann Fürstenberg

Partner, Attorney (H)

Maryla Rytter Wróblewski

Partner, Attorney (H)

Mathias Højte


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