Litigation, arbitration and mediation

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Litigation, arbitration and mediation

We are among the relatively few law firms specialising in litigation. Through frequent participation in litigation and arbitration cases, we have obtained considerable experience in preparing and ligitating court cases and arbitration cases.

We continuously conduct a number of civil lawsuits before the Danish Supreme Court, the High Courts, the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court and the district courts. We also conduct cases before arbitration tribunals and commissions. Some of our attorneys act as arbitrators. We are also experienced in conducting cases before the European Court of Justice and the European Human Rights Court.

We provide assistance in connection with all kinds of disputes and are always attentive towards the possibility of obtaining an amicable settlement of a dispute.


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New decision from the Supreme Court on trademarks –
Thansen’s use of OUTTREK did not
infringe Trek’s trademark rights
On 4 October 2023 the Danish Supreme Court rendered the final decision in the long-lasting dispute between the US based Trek Bicycle Corporation and the Danish retailer T. Hansen Gruppen…
Parent purchase still possible in
the company tax scheme
En politisk aftale bebudede allerede i december 2019, at forældrekøb i virksomhedsskatteordningen (VSO) mv. skulle “afskaffes”. Det sker ikke. Her i slutningen af november 2020 er et lovforslag fremsat. Forældrekøb…